Based on proven SureSmile® digital technology, Elemetrix assists in aligner design, indirect bonding, and diagnostics with the precision of CAD (computer-aided design). With this new digital technology, we can make your treatment as efficient and effective as possible.
Elemetrix - The Digital Solution for Orthodontics

How is Elemetrix used?

  • For Aligners: Elemetrix aligner design is fully adjustable—allowing your doctor to customize your aligners as needed throughout your case. It also allows for the efficient combination of aligner and traditional braces treatment for more complicated cases.
  • For Indirect Bonding: Elemetrix IDB provides 3D automation for rapid digital evaluation and customizable adjustment of bracket placement.
  • For Diagnostics: The Elemetrix diagnostics model toolset provides a powerful array of treatment planning features, including 3D viewing tools, automated analytics, and quality grading tools.

One of the best parts of diagnostics with Elemetrix is its real-time treatment simulation—you’ll get to see what your smile will look like at the end of your treatment! Your doctor can also create multiple simulations to evaluate the best treatment plan for your smile.

Elemetrix is a great tool, but it is the team behind the tools that really makes the difference.  Start your free consultation today!