Our office uses cutting-edge orthodontic technology and techniques to ensure you enjoy optimal results and maximum comfort. We understand each and every patient has different ideas of how they would like to achieve their beautiful smile. We offer the most advanced orthodontic appliances.  Today’s braces are NOT the braces your parents had!

Self-ligating braces

These braces have a gate that opens and closes to hold the wire in place.

The advantage to you is less friction. Teeth move best with light forces.  Removing as much friction from the system allows us to use lighter wires to move the teeth.  Less force equals less discomfort and faster tooth movement.

We prefer to use self-ligating braces because it makes your experience much better than using ‘old school’ braces. Changing your wires goes smoother and faster with gates that open and close.

Don’t worry – we still add all the colors so you can accessorize your smile!

Translucent (clear) braces

If you really want to keep the appearance of braces to a bare minimum, we have clear braces that minimize the amount of ‘metal’ that shows when you smile.

Beware – good brushing is a must if you have braces that don’t show…….the food  you leave stuck around those braces will!  If you want clear braces – be prepared to work hard to keep them spotless clean!