Clear Aligner Treatment

An ideal solution for mild to moderate alignment problems, CandidPro clear aligners gradually shift your teeth into ideal position using a series of clear plastic trays. First, Dr. Colville aligns the teeth on the computer using 3D software to straighten teeth virtually.  When he completes the virtual simulation to get ideal alignment – CandidPro’s high tech manufacturing facility makes the final aligners that are delivered in our office.

Candidco’s custom manufacturing has the highest tolerances in the clear aligner market so Candid aligners fit with superior accuracy and guide the teeth precisely following Dr. Colville’s virtual treatment simulation.

We are able to monitor the exact fit of each aligner stage using your smartphone and Candid Monitoring.  This lets you know that your tooth movement is right on track as you progress through treatment.  This allows us to see you less often in the office because we can monitor your progress on the Candid Monitoring software. This is a great benefit to make sure our TEEN patients are doing their job wearing the aligners.

If you want to spend less time in the office and still get that great Dr. Colville smile – CandidPro may be perfect for you.